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MCTi Product Upgrade-kids gloves

MCTi Product Upgrade-2021 kids gloves vs 2022 kids gloves

Based on the real evaluation of past customers and market feedback, etc., we upgrade and optimize the functions of our children's gloves, such as the warm part, adjusted from Sherpa fleece to composite suede to increase warmth performance; On the second cuff, we extended it to allow the gloves to better wrap around our child's hands and prevent wind and snow from entering

Now let's show the difference between the new version and the old version with pictures:

2021 Old Version :

kids gloves

2022 New Version :

1.Inner composite suede for added warmth

2.The sleeve is partially extended to prevent wind and snow from entering

3.Eliminate the design of the Velcro fastener, making it easier and more comfortable to take off inside

4.The wrist buckle has been changed from the inside to the back of the hand, which is more in line with the operating habits

kids gloves

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