We guarantee the quality of all products on our website.

We provide you with quality assurance services on product sewing or wear and other issues. Please contact us after discovering any of the above related problems within 30 Days after you receive your purchased item, and we will provide you with the corresponding solutions.



1. Typical warranty issues include zipper failure, delaminating, buckle/buckle failure, stitching braid, stitching problems, etc.
2. Reasonable wear does not include fabric tearing caused by hitting trees, rocks, sledges, icy parking lots or other sharp objects.
3. Unfortunately, the fabric will deteriorate and fade over time. This is inevitable. We will provide a warranty for your product during the warranty period. Products with signs of aging (thin or faded fabric; zippers that no longer hang; worn cuffs, etc.) are usually the result of natural damage. We will take this into consideration when evaluating your warranty request.