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Amazon Top 7 Winter Gloves Test Warmth & Waterproof

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In this video, I compare the top 7 snow gloves on Amazon and test their warmth and waterproof levels! What better way to test their warmth than by taking them in a -160 degree cryotherapy chamber and seeing which pair keeps a warmed stone the warmest. After that, I test their level of waterproofing by putting 1 teaspoon of water directly on the palm and see which pair absorbs the water and which pair actually keeps the water out.

This video was highly entertaining to make; I hope it's just as fun and informative to watch!

So, I bought all top 7 pairs of ski gloves (with my own money, of course), so I can put all 7 top snowboard gloves from Amazon through a test of their warmth and their level of waterproof level.

When you're purchasing snowboard gloves or ski gloves, there are 3 things you'll want to look for:
1. Warmth
2. Waterproof
3. Comfort

In this winter glove review, I go through some of the features to look for when looking for top ski gloves that are affordable, fashionable, and budget-friendly. Not all gloves under 50 or gloves under 100 are good quality, but these gloves are great quality gloves, especially for the price. It’s easy to understand when you’re comparing cheap vs. expensive gloves. This video is essential for beginner snowboard gear when considering the top snow gloves for beginners or ski gloves 2022.
If you’ve seen my other videos, you know I’m passionate about sharing my favorite gear, even though I am a beginner snowboarder. As a single mom, I love to look for good deals on gear and find the best bargain winter gloves available. When you consider buying three pairs of snow gloves (for me + my two boys), you can understand why buying Amazon gloves is a good solution.
When looking for inexpensive gloves, you'll want to look for a pair that can keep you warm and dry. This video should help you find the most waterproof and warm snow gloves on Amazon.
In this ski gloves review video, I will tell you which of these seven pairs of gloves under $50 are worth buying and which are just not worth it. There are a couple of the gloves under 100 categories that I think are real winners.

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