MCTi Waterproof & Breathable System

Discover MCTi Waterproof Technologies: FAN-TEX®, YGM-TEX®, MCTI-TEX®

Mastering Comfort and Protection: Unveiling MCTi's Advanced Waterproof Technologies - FAN-TEX®, YGM-TEX®, MCTI-TEX®


1. FAN-TEX®: Breathable Performance Redefined

At the core of MCTi's waterproof mastery is FAN-TEX®, a revolutionary technology that melds comfort and performance. This ultra-thin protective membrane boasts pores 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, ensuring that your hands stay comfortable and dry even during high-intensity activities. Bid farewell to clammy discomfort as FAN-TEX® lets your skin breathe, making it ideal for everything from chilly hikes to heart-pounding ski descents.

2. YGM-TEX®: Precision Engineering for Ultimate Dryness

Step into a world of dryness with YGM-TEX®, where precision engineering meets unwavering waterproofing. This technology leverages advanced materials and meticulous construction to create a barrier that repels water with ease. Whether you're battling rain-soaked trails or navigating snow-covered landscapes, YGM-TEX® guarantees that moisture remains on the outside, letting you focus on the thrill of the journey.

3. MCTI-TEX®: The Art of Total Protection

Embrace the pinnacle of protection with MCTI-TEX®, a blend of art and science that takes waterproofing to unparalleled heights. Crafted with an acute understanding of outdoor demands, MCTI-TEX® ensures that your gear is impervious to water infiltration. Every stitch, every seam is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your adventures, making MCTI-TEX® the ultimate shield against the elements.

Mastering Glove Performance Through Rigorous Testing

MCTi goes beyond promises, subjecting its gloves to rigorous testing to prove the efficacy of its waterproof technologies:

  • Whole-Glove Breathability Test:
Steam courses through the glove, measuring water vapor escape and ensuring a comfortable interior.
  • Whole Glove Leak Test:
Using pressurized air, this test detects any potential leaks, ensuring your gloves remain waterproof.
  • Liner Retention Assurance:
Linings and inserts are scrutinized to guarantee they remain securely affixed for consistent comfort and protection.
  • Outer Material Water Repellency:
The Spray Test assesses how effectively the outer material repels water droplets, preserving warmth and dryness.






    Experience Elevated Comfort and Performance

    MCTi's trio of waterproof technologies - FAN-TEX®, YGM-TEX®, and MCTI-TEX® - represent the culmination of innovation, research, and dedication to your outdoor pursuits. Whether you're navigating icy slopes, embarking on a rain-soaked hike, or simply braving the winter chill, MCTi's waterproof gloves equipped with these technologies promise unwavering protection and unparalleled comfort. Elevate your adventures and explore the great outdoors with MCTi - where waterproof excellence meets ultimate performance.








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