MCTi's Waterproof and Breathable Gloves


MCTi is a brand that produces high-quality outdoor gear, including gloves that are designed for a variety of activities. The brand has become known for its use of innovative technology in their products, with a particular focus on their waterproof and breathable system. This system is designed to keep your hands dry and comfortable in wet conditions, while still allowing them to breathe and release moisture.

The waterproof system used by MCTi gloves is typically a high-quality waterproof membrane or coating that is applied to the outer layer of the gloves.

This membrane or coating is designed to repel water and prevent it from penetrating the material. When water comes into contact with the outer layer of the gloves, it beads up and rolls off, rather than seeping through to the inside.
MCTi's waterproof membrane is made from a variety of materials, including polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These materials are known for their excellent waterproofing capabilities and are commonly used in other waterproof outdoor gear such as rain jackets and hiking boots.

In addition to the waterproofing technology, MCTi gloves also use a breathable system. This is achieved through the use of a special fabric or membrane that allows moisture to escape from the inside of the gloves while still preventing water from getting in. This means that sweat and other moisture produced by your hands can escape from the gloves, reducing the chances of you feeling damp or clammy.

The breathability technology used by MCTi gloves is designed to work in conjunction with the waterproofing technology. By allowing moisture to escape, the gloves can maintain a dry and comfortable environment for your hands. This is particularly important during activities where you may be exerting yourself and producing more sweat.

MCTi gloves also feature a number of other design elements that enhance their waterproof and breathable capabilities. For example, many models feature an adjustable wrist strap or cuff that can be tightened to prevent water from getting inside the gloves.

Additionally, some models feature a waterproof zipper that can be opened to allow for ventilation and prevent your hands from overheating.

MCTi gloves are also designed to be durable and long-lasting, with materials that are resistant to wear and tear. Many models feature reinforced palms and fingertips that are designed to withstand abrasion and provide additional grip. This makes them an excellent choice for outdoor activities that require a strong and reliable grip, such as skiing or snowboarding.
In summary, MCTi gloves are designed with a waterproof and breathable system that keeps your hands dry and comfortable in wet conditions.

The waterproofing technology is achieved through the use of a high-quality membrane or coating that repels water, while the breathable system allows moisture to escape. With additional features such as adjustable wrist straps, waterproof zippers, and reinforced palms and fingertips, MCTi gloves provide excellent protection and grip, making them an ideal choice for outdoor activities in wet or snowy conditions.


Warm winter gloves for your daily commute, or waterproof gloves with great grip for skiing. Gloves and accessories made with our product technologies keep you warm and dry in cold weather, while still being breathable for when the weather - or your hands - gets warmer.






 This  membrane is an ultra-thin protective layer integrated directly into your gloves. The billions of pores in it are 900 times larger than water vapor molecules, which  means that sweat vapor can easily escape, so your hands don't get clammy and uncomfortable, even when you're working hard.




Fleece and other textiles are often called windproof-but even light wind can get through them. When it comes to calling some windproof, we have different, higher standards than .most. The FAN◎ membrane is rigorously tested to prove that no wind can get through. So you can be confident your hands will be completely comfortable and protected, even in strong, cold winds.




MCTi Every glove is subject to a series of performance tests in Fan-Tex labs. Only if a product meets our exacting and rigorous standards. Only if a product passes, matches, or exceeds our high-as-it-gets quality standards can it be produced in one of our partner’s certified factories.


 How do we test gloves for water resistance


Hot steam is pumped through the glove, which is weighed before and after the test. By measuring the amount of water vapor that escapes from the glove, we can determine how breathable the glove is.



All gloves in the original FAN-TEX products test uses pressurized air to ensure waterproof integrity. Air bubbles detected in the water means the glove is leaking, so it will not pass the test.



This ensures that lining and finger inserts are securely attached to the shell of the glove so they don't get pulled out when the glove is taken off. This test ensures appropriate dexterity in the glove.



This test measures the water repellency of the outer material. The fewer water droplets that stick to the fabric the better, since poorly protected fabrics soak up water, become heavy, and cause heat loss.